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From Novice to Confident Skipper: Strong's Boat Club

Strong's Boat Club

A novice boater’s journey with Strong’s Boat Club

Gina Liotti was eager to spend more time on the water, but she wasn’t ready to jump into boat ownership. Everything changed when she discovered Strong's Boat Club. "Boat Club offers ownership experience at a more affordable price for a season," Gina explained.

As a novice member of the boat club three years ago, Gina received on-water instruction every year from a certified captain. "The more you go boating, the more confident you feel," Gina expressed.

Now, Gina considers herself an intermediate skipper, comfortable navigating and docking with a single engine. Her next goal is to master a twin engine boat, with owning her own boat as the ultimate objective.

Gina has made the most of Strong's Boat Club by participating in educational events like Women on the Water and Unlock the Shinnecock, hosted during the spring season.

"The more time you spend with a captain or seasoned boater, the better boater you become!" she emphasized.

Gina's favorite aspect of being a Boat Club member is the abundance of amenities. With marinas located on the North and South Forks, reserving and accessing boats becomes effortless, while the Strong's Marine team ensures the vessels are well-maintained.


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